we were magic
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
moving on to greener pasture.
bye blogger.


Monday, February 21, 2011
i feel so good today cos i managed to finish up all my work!!
teehee ((:
*gelek gelek*
further to that, we also called up macdonalds for lunch! yays! (:
as usual, i had my plain double cheeseburger meal.
had time to clear up my stuffs, so i really feel at ease now.
i think tomorrow will be a pretty much stressful day cos i have to distribute the meeting mins
to everyone.
2 more months and im done!

weekends were pretty tiring.
i went out with aunt and uncle to woodlands, then we head down to buy
kuih pinang near woodlands checkpoint.
i was pretty exhausted cos i had training in the morning.
i was late again!
anw, there were only 5 of us so Chris was there to teach us some strategy moves.
As usual, we had lunch at NEX.
Supposed to go catch a movie with my colleagues but i guess some of them had smthg on,
so we cancelled the plan.

sunday was rest day.
stayed at home and did my minutes.
did some housework too.
re-arranged the layout of my room.
spent the time to watch "EAT PRAY LOVE".

for me, the movie was something similar like a self-help book.
i wonder alot while watching the movie.
Like it just comes to you, what if that happens to you? what are you going to do?
Are you going to be like her? Will you open up? How do you face the world alone in solitude?
See.. all those questions popping in my brain.
But afterall she's been through, im glad in the end there's someone there for her.

aside to that,
my other half will be away again for another week plus..

im working this weekend.
i cant wait for the week to be over.
pay day will be here soon, in 7 days! ((:

There's some truth in whatever you've said.
can tell me why you chose to stay?

Sunday, February 13, 2011
boyfriend has actually left town for taiwan yesterday night.
well, it was pretty sad to see him go but then again yeah...
he has to do what a man gotta do.
hopefully 3 weeks will pass by fast and then he'll be back here in no time (:

i took leave last friday to collect my passport so now i can hereby
officially declare that i can go travel around the world! heh.
I'm uber glad that i didnt have to wait so long.

i'm kinda pretty excited to go to work tomorrow!
weird but true!
maybe it's because that i want to clear my workload perhaps?
I believed there's a lot of work tomorrow....

I have an important game tomorrow night.
Katana's playing against Many J's.
It will be the deciding match whether we will be in the top 3.
I hope we will do our best for tomorrow' game.
*fingers crossed*

i somehow get fed-up whenever mom calls to check up on me.
like what time i am going to reach home and yadayada.
I know i know it's already late but yeah, i know when it's time to head back...

-this is one of the things that i'll miss *cuddle*